Switch by Megan Hart

Harlequin Spice

Contemporary/Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0-373-60539-2

Reviewed by Tanya




Paige feels that her life isn’t going anywhere, or at least anywhere she wants it to.  She wants better things for herself and has skimped and saved to get the apartment in the “right” part of town and divorced her high school sweetheart, aka the philandering husband.  She does have a good job but while it is to be a stepping stone she doesn’t seem to be progressing beyond administrative assistant duties, but then again she wants the job for the education reimbursement so it looks like things are heading in the right direction.

Then she gets an anonymous note, while she sees it is meant for another apartment in her building she is compelled to read it.  What she finds is an interesting assignment and decides to follow it.  So while she replaces the note in the neighbor’s mail she continues to read the ones that show up daily, before moving them to their proper owner.

Not one to be at all submissive she finds herself following the notes to a tee.  She finds power in her life just by following the notes.  As time goes on it might just be a switch in roles that she needs to give her the life boost she needs.

The idea of a mysterious note intrigued me and is the reason I picked up Switch.  I was intrigued from the moment I read the blurb for Switch but for me it didn’t live up to the hype that the blurb created.  I found that while Switch was well written by Ms. Hart that the main character Paige was such a jerk to the two men I didn’t have an emotional connection to her.  To me there was just something missing, normally whether the character is likeable or not I am at least invested in the story to see if they change or what happens, I didn’t find this with Switch.


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