Tempt Me if You Can by Janet Chapman

Sinclair Brothers, Book 2

Pocket Star

Sensual Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-4165-9544-1

Reviewed by Nannette




Ben Sinclair just found out that he has a son, so heís heading to Medicine Gore, Maine to meet him.  Emma Sands has been raising her nephew Michael by herself since her sister, Michaelís mother, disappeared ten years ago. Michael is fifteen now and becoming a fine young man, but Emma knows he could use a fatherís guidance as well.

As if meeting his son and seeing Emma again after he left town fifteen years ago isnít enough of a shock, Ben learns that the town thinks heís responsible for Emmaís fatherís death. Ben has a lot to prove to his son and to Emma, but someone wants him gone and theyíll stop at nothing to keep him from finding out the truth.

Ben has his work cut out for him in Tempt Me if You Can. Not only does he have to win his son over, but Emma, too, and then he has the whole town to face. My heart broke for Emma, though as she faced the possibility of losing Michael and an unknown future for them both.  What she has to do and what she wants to do are two different things. Her emotions are tangible. Along with a cast of colorful characters, Tempt Me if You Can has many furry friends who enlighten the story as much as the people do. After the excitement is over, Ben and Emma have a fun and fitting wedding. Tempt Me if You Can is a passionate and emotional love story.


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