The Quality of Mercy by Jay Lygon

A Bonded Story

Torquere Press

Paranormal M/M

Reviewed by Lisa




A thousand years ago he was known as the scourge of the Baltic, these days Brandr is a successful romance author.  Brandr is content with his life, his home in the Hollywood Hills; the peace and quiet, even when heís suffering from writerís block.

His peace is broken one night however, by a silly, sweet and brand new vampire.  Kyle canít remember the past three days no matter how hard he tries.  All he does know is that Brandr is totally hot and Kyle is really, really thirsty right now.

For a quick and quite satisfying bite of fun give The Quality of Mercy a look.  Mix one gruff, honorable Viking with a chatterbox, naÔve airhead to come up with this charming little romance.  The Quality of Mercy is a lovely escape.


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