The Summoner by Alisha Steele

Lyrical Press

Paranormal Erotica

ISBN: 978-1-61650-076-4

Reviewed by Tanya




What happens when you are suddenly seeing gorgeous men in your mirror, in a reoccurring dream?  Then you find out you are the one that can summon them into being.  This is what Alexandra is faced with when fallen angel Kasdeya decides that he is going to use her to release him from a thousand year prison sentence.  He knows that the “Summoner” the only one who can help him and he will deal with her even if she is a mortal, which he hates.


Now not only does Kasdeya find himself reluctantly being drawn to the mortal Alexandra but he finds her sexy, intelligent and just a bit argumentative.  Suddenly, his plans to use her and then move on have changed.


Ms. Steele has an erotic story of good and evil in The Summoner, and just wait and see who you think is really good and who is really evil.  The Summoner is definitely one book you will not want to leave laying around as it is more than a little spicy, not that I am complaining.  I love the idea of the fallen angel with dark wings etc., yummy.


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