The Tigerís Tale by Nara Malone

Elloraís Cave

Paranormal M/F/M

ISBN: 9781419927126

Reviewed by Lisa




How does Adam explain to his girlfriend Marie that she is actually Pantherian, half human and half tiger?  Also, as a Pantherian female her fertile cycle is only once every seven years and her time is now.  Finally, it will take Adam, Mari,e and another male for her to conceive, a triad.

Raised by humans, Marie was apparently abandoned as a baby, fostered, and then adopted by her foster parents.  She has no knowledge of her Pantherian heritage and feels ill prepared for the things Adam is telling her.  Marie is definitely not ready to be a part of a triad with Adam and his good friend Ean.  All the information that Adam and Ean are throwing at her is unnerving to say the least.  But the pressure to make love to two men in order to conceive, something she has longed for, well for as long as Marie can remember, is hard to wrap her head around, never mind her heart.  Adam and Ean know that Marie needs time to come to grips with everything.  Unfortunately time is something they donít have.

The Tigerís Tale offers up a story of primal passions and animal magnetism.  Three strong, independent characters take turns being front and center as The Tigerís Tale progresses.  High drama, magic, erotica and so much more is found in this fast paced paranormal romance.  The characters are engaging and the overall concept is intriguing, but there isnít enough Ďback storyí about the Pantherians, their lifestyle, etc. for readers to fully appreciate the triad and their world.  The Tigerís Tale is exciting and entertaining; just wish we had more information earlier in the tale.


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