The Triple S Bride by Dee S. Knight

Tasty Treats 10, Ménage Amour

Siren Publishing


ISBN: 1-60601-697-0

Reviewed by Tanya




Sabine is on the run from a ruthless ex-fiancé who has not only physically abused her but seems to want to dictate every part of her life.  She knows he will be upset but doesn’t think he will ever find her.  She has decided to become a mail order bride for one of the remote planets.  She has entered into a marriage contract on planet C8282, which is a ranching and farming planet.  She knows he will never find her there.  What she doesn’t count on is that he will claim she attempted to murder him and steal his money.

When the contract is sealed with Walt she is stunned to find out that not only is she bride to Walt but to his two brothers also, and that it was in the contract that she hadn’t bothered to completely read.  While Walt isn’t sure about Sabine, especially after seeing her on the news as being wanted he does know that she is timid and desperate, oh and that she makes him hotter than anything he imagined.  Only time will tell if they can all trust each other, and if Sabine will accept three husbands when she expected one.

While I loved the overall story in The Triple S Bride I have to say that Sabina’s treatment by Walt took me aback.  While it is explained further into the story I am not sure someone as desperate as Sabina would not have fled before he would have the chance to explain.  But that aside, The Triple S Bride is an interesting story on love, sex and future planetary habitats.  Ms. Knight can definitely write a steamy ménage as well as one on one sex scene.  I was overall entertained The Triple S Bride and think most will agree with me.


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