Touch of Seduction by Rhyannon Byrd

Primal Instinct, Book 4



ISBN: 978-0373774487

Reviewed by Jo




Aiden Shrader is a tiger shifter and a Watchman. As a Watchman, Aiden protects the innocent and the weak – this is something he does not only because of his vocation, but also because of his past. As a child, Aiden had been sold. Purchased by a harsh man, he was made to do things he really didn’t want to do.  Ever since he escaped, Aiden has made sure he controls his own destiny – that is until he is asked to find and bring in a human woman and a child with special gifts.

Olivia Harcourt is a schoolteacher now out of her element – to protect her niece from the same things that killed her sister – the Casus. Olivia has no idea who they are or where they are, but she knows she has to get her niece to the Watchmen or she will die, too. Olivia fears that time has run out when she is tackled by a man with golden eyes and a to die for body, only to discover that he is there for them.

Attraction between Aiden and Olivia is instant but Aiden is fighting it for some reason. While traveling to safety, Aiden and the other Watchmen learn there is more to worry about than just their current battles. A new enemy has risen and this one might be the hardest to kill yet. Passion explodes between Aiden and Olivia, yet there still seems to be a wall between them. Time is quickly running out as the danger circles the group fighting their way to a new home. When the final battle is over, will Aiden and Olivia have found the answers that will allow them to face the future together, or will the war force them apart forever?

When a man who believes no one will ever love him finds the one person he’s hunted for – will he believe it’s for real? Touch of Seduction gives Aiden a chance he has only dreamed of – a love all his own. Olivia is a human in a family of witches mixed with Merrick blood – a calling card to the wrong group. Aiden overcame his childhood, but the consequences are always just below the surface and clouds Aiden’s thoughts about himself. Aiden screamed off the page from the beginning, and when he first sees Olivia, I could see this was going to be a bumpy ride. I was so right! The passion smoldered and sparked every time Aiden and Olivia were together. The fight with the Casus and others takes a serious turn for all the Watchmen, while at the same time Aiden is trying to figure out why Olivia affects him so much. I fell for Aiden long ago and hoped he would get a mate worthy of him and Olivia was certainly the one.

I have always known that I would get a great plot and lots of heat when I opened up one of Rhyannon’s books, but she blew me away with Touch of Seduction.  It’s one of the hottest books I have read in a while and I plan on re-reading it very soon. With the new facts revealed here, I can’t wait for my next adventure into the Primal Instincts world.


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