To Unleash a Brazen Desire by Rita Sawyer

Brazen Sisters, Book 2

Siren Publishing

Contemporary/Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 1060601-713-6

Reviewed by Tanya




Samantha Brazen has finally dumped her cheating boyfriend and this time she means to make sure that he knows it is permanent.  What she doesnít count on is her instant attraction, and one night stand with her brother-in-law, Trent.  She especially doesnít expect to wind up pregnant from the encounter.  What is she going to do since it seems Trent couldnít get away fast enough?  She does know that she needs to tell him.  She just isnít sure who it will be harder to tell Trent or her sisters.

Now Trent is back and insists he is here for good, but is he just around for the baby?  And will he let her live her life as she wants or will he start dictating what she needs to do?

To Unleash a Brazen Desire has to be one of the sweetest love stories I have read in a while, well it is sweet with a spunky take-no-crap lead woman character and a menacing ex-boyfriend.  I am hoping that Ms. Sawyer will tell the tales of the remaining Sawyer sisters as I will be first in line to buy them.  There are a number of twists and turns in Trentís bid to have Samantha let him into her heartóoh, and back into his bed.  He wants to be around for more than just the babyís sake.  You want a good read that will make you smile?  Then you need to pick up To Unleash a Brazen Desire.


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