Uncle Edís Lap by Parker Ford


Contemporary, Light BDSM, HFN

Reviewed by Patrice F.




After the sudden death of her Aunt Carole, Fiona volunteers to assist her Uncle Ed in getting his house in order before she takes off for college.   Her childhood crush for her handsome relation has blossomed into more adult desires.  To her surprise, her uncle reciprocates yet is unable to accept his carnal urges for his niece.  Fiona pulls out all the stops to convince him otherwise.

Now and again, Iím intrigued by unusual, erotic themes; it breaks up the monotony.  Iím always confident that eXcessica publishing will deliver because they have authors who challenge the boundaries and keep the genre alive and evolving.  Uncle Edís Lap is a coming of age story with loads of drama, bittersweet memories, psychological symbolism, and a twist on the forbidden testing the limits of propriety.  I wasnít comfortable with this story (nor did I want to be!), which means the author did a good job of presenting the characters in a realistic way.  The writing is vivid, sharp, and precise as emotions (guilt, grief, passion) are examined.  Despite the illicit situation Fiona and Ed plunge into, thereís warmth, a contrasting, complimentary innocence because of their long term connection and shared memories.  Death and marital incest are touchy subjects all around, so the most refreshing aspect is how carefully the author takes the time to sculpt the narrative without rushing or force fitting it.  Overall, Uncle Edís Lap kept me engaged, ending on a happy note that held a question mark.  Itís the type of story most would rather avoid or dismiss into the shadows.  What those readers miss is that itís exceptional whenever an author is willing to bring taboo subject matter to life, and do it justice.


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