Wishing For a Home by T.A. Chase

Home, Book 3

Liquid Silver Books

Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59578-700-2

Reviewed by Nannette




Famous country singer Derek St. Martin needs a place to re-group. A place where no one will find him and no one wants anything from him. Les Hardinís Wyoming ranch turns out to be that place, and the foreman, Max Furlo, becomes the perfect man to spend the next three months relaxing with. Max is a solitary man, so at first he keeps his distance from Derek, but their mutual attraction changes things. What was supposed to be a summer fling turns into more, but Derek has to go back to Nashville and Maxís place is on the ranch.

At first, Matt and Derek seem to be more incompatible than a perfect match, but they do fit well together, and there is more between them than physical attraction.  Derek was slipping down a rough road, however, he could see where he was headed and he was smart enough to take the opportunity given to him to change directions. Max was not enthusiastic to have Derek staying at the ranch and even less so when he was given the task of making him feel at home. All that changes when the men get to know each other, though. Coming from two different worlds, literally and figuratively, Max and Derek have to work to make their relationship last. The main protagonists from each story in the Home series have a great deal of love and support from their friends. Itís really nice, and brings up the point that they are surrounded by gay men. There are gay brothers, gay business partners, and gay couples. Many of these men are attempting to overcome some sort of angst in their life. Itís an observation that Derek himself makes. The plot may be a little contrived in Wishing For a Home, but it also adds to the comfortable and charming feeling of the Home series. The cowboys are sexy, the couples endearing, and the story is touching in Wishing For a Home.


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