Wolf Games by Vivian Arend

Granite Lake Wolves, Book 3

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-968-7

Reviewed by Tanya




Maggie Raynor knows she needs help.  She agrees When her sister invites her up to help care for her nephew and see if pack contact will help her health issues.  You see her inner wolf has been hidden for seven years.  The result of a brutal attack she still has issues dealing with, one being able to be around other wolves.

Maggie is to meet Erik, the pack Beta, in Whitehorse and travel back to her sisterís with him.  She meets up with him by literally falling into his arms, which sets off a chain of events neither was prepared for.

Apparently Maggie and Erik are mates.  While Erik is all for this and ready to claim her as soon as possible she on the other hand wants no part of him.  Ok, so that isnít completely true; She thinks he is one of the most gorgeous men she has ever seen but she knows she has to resolve her own issues.

Now suddenly she is supposed to be part of his four person team representing the Granite Lake Wolf Pack and a full blown panic just might set in.

Vivian Arend continues to intrigue me with her storylines for the Granit Lake Wolves series.  I have enjoyed this series from the start.  The latest is Wolf Games where one woman learns how truly strong she is as well as finds her mate in someone she would have feared even months ago.  Each of the stories in this series have all dealt with some strong social issues from being deaf to brutal attacks, but in such a way as the reader enjoys the story and wants to see the outcome.  I think Ms. Arend has an interesting way to approach these issues and frankly her alpha wolves are incredibly hot and her heroines super spunky so she has me hooked and looking for book four already.


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