Wolf Reborn by Rebecca Royce

The Westervelt Wolves, Book 3

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-656-2

Reviewed by Klarissa




Theo Kane, fourth in the shifter group known as the Royal Six, has lived this last year of his life away from his family in the woods surrounding his home.  After the horrible disfigurement happened while helping rescue the Alpha's son, also his nephew, Theo thought it would be better to live away from everyone.  The demon that marked him left him with unpredictable actions.  He thought he was a danger to everyone he loved.  Taking his wolf form, Theo lived in the woods, all alone, but he tried to keep an eye out for any danger, knowing that their problems haven't gone away.

After coming to Westervelt, Faith fell into a familiar position as head of security for the wolves on their island.  After finding out that no mate awaited her on the island, Faith focused all her energy on her job.  Coming to the rescue of a lone wolf, she realizes that her mate had been there all along.  He was just hiding. 

Wolf Reborn is the third book in the Westervelt series.  It can be read alone, but more enjoyable if you read from the first book.  Having the luck to review all three books, I have enjoyed Wolf Reborn the most. Its characters are three dimensional with a storyline that you can't help but sink into.  Ms. Royce's writing has truly grown throughout this series making each book richer in detail and emotion.  This series keeps getting better.  I hope there are more stories in this series.


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