Wolfsbane by K.C. Burn

MIA Case Files

Loose Id

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60737-545-6

Reviewed by Lisa




Agents Oliver Cardoso and Lachlan Carmichael are sent to the sleepy little town of Rothburg.  This little spot on the map is hardly a hot bed of activity, yet something is going on there, something wrong.  So, the Metaphysical Investigative Agency or MIA sends Cardoso and Carmichael to investigate the possibility of portals opening in the area, portals that allow the Umbrae into our world to possess humans in unimaginable ways.

Itís been the worst year of grad student Adam Farelliís life with both his parents succumbing to Alzheimerís.  What could Adam do except leave school just shy of his degree to go home and try to take care of them the best way that he can.

Even though Carmichael has been out of the military for over a year he still hasnít been able to let anyone know heís gay, even his partner Cardoso.  Unfortunately for Carmichael there is an instant chemistry between him and Adam that cannot be ignored or acted upon when lives may hang in the balance.  The agents, with Adamís help realize that something evil and deadly is going on in nearby Allenton Woods.  Itís only a matter of time before another goes missing and the clock is ticking.

MIA Case Files: Wolfsbane is an intriguing blend of drama, action, and an innocent sensuality.  At first Wolfsbane seems a straightforward suspense filled paranormal tale, but itís the blossoming relationship between the tough, gruff Carmichael and the world weary, burdened Adam that makes this story worthwhile.  MIA Case Files: Wolfsbane has well drawn characters, secrets, and danger wrapped in a very satisfying story.


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