Wolf’s Valentine by Rebecca Royce

A Westervelt Holiday Book

2010 Holiday

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-679-1

Reviewed by Tanya




Jana is a Westervelt wolf that has been on her own and basically hiding for more than thirty years.  While she wishes she had others to share her true feelings and desires with she will do what is necessary to survive.  When a strangely worded Valentine shows up unannounced on her desk Jana wonders if she is still safe among the humans or has someone found out her secret.

Malcolm has been sent to investigate some disturbing events that have been reported in New York City, centering on apparent rogue werewolves.  These werewolves seem intent on taking down the Westervelt pack as well as a lot of humans with them. So, while he knew his assignment, he never expected to meet his mate while on it.  Now, he wants to get to the bottom of the events as soon as possible and convince Jana that they are meant to be together.

Will Valentine’s Day be the romantic interlude they both need, or will they be running for their lives?

Wolf’s Valentine is a fun valentine romance story.  Ms Royce does a great job in both building the heat between the two main characters and the suspense of the overall story.  Wolf’s Valentine made me smile and think about all those home made Valentines in my past.


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