Wyt and Wild by Viola Grace

Sector Guard, Book 7

Devine Destinies

Science Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-55487-507-8

Reviewed by Lisa




For close to four years Alessandra ĎAllieí Wyt has done her job as a top secret Relay for the Alliance.  Only the top brass are aware of exactly what Allie is capable of.  Itís time however, to move on to another assignment.  This time Allie will be the Communication Specialist for the Sector Guard, Morganti team.

Taking a vacation to hunt on a primitive planet, Dr. Effin Nywyn, a Wyoran is interrupted during his hunt when he spots a life pod crash landing nearby.  He is surprised to find a live Terran female trapped inside.  Neither expected to make a tentative connection at first glance.  Allie has a fine career ahead of her and Effin has his own responsibilities.  They will need to decide whether to make the time for something unexpected yet just as important, love.

Wyt and Wild is a charmingly sweet out of this world romance.  Itís almost a role reversal for this couple, Effin feels and wants a connection while Allie nudges her feelings to the background and puts her career first.  Fans of the series will recognize the other characters from previous books nevertheless Wyt and Wild can be read as a stand alone story.  More clinical, less sexual, Wyt and Wild is still a fast and fun read.


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