Branded Sanctuary by Joey W. Hill

Nature of Desire, Book 7

Ellora's Cave

Erotic BDSM/Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419926587

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



A year ago Chloe was attacked when she tried to protect a child from a ruthless abuser.  Surely she would be better by now, right? Well, not exactly.  Chloe continues to experience nightmares and panic attacks and most nights is unable to sleep.  When she wakes up from a horrible nightmare and finds herself almost catatonic from fright, she calls the one man she has thought about the past twelve months Ė Brendan, the man she met last year at her bossís wedding.  Even though it is three a.m. Brendan doesnít hesitate to use his charm and tender charisma to make her feel safe.  And then he shows up to take her to work and Chloeís isolation soon becomes a thing of the past.  But will she be able to let Brendan into her life? Chloe knows there is something he is keeping from her, so what happens when she finds out exactly what his secrets are?

Joey W. Hill continues her highly popular Nature of Desire series with Branded Sanctuary.  Brandonís devotion to his mistress Marguerite is absolute and his desire for Chloe is unconditional.  That much is more than evident in the pages of this erotic novel.  Having met Brandon in both Ice Queen and Mirror of My Soul, I yearned for him to have his own story told Ė especially after seeing him with Chloe at his mistressís wedding.  Brandonís desire to be what Chloe needed was more than evident in every single touch, look, and kiss.

Compelling and passionate, Branded Sanctuary by Joey W. Hill is definitely a must read.  In fact, I joyfully recommend it!


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