Catís Cradle by Bianca DíArc

String of Fate, Book 1

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-870-3

Reviewed by Tanya



With the way the day has gone Elaine isnít sure if there is any good luck left.  So far she has not had much go right, and now she is going to be late for jiu jittsu class.  She knows something is up when she finds a parking place.  What she doesnít count on is class being cancelled, seeing things that go bump in the night and having her car stolen.  She definitely didnít plan on meeting Cade.  She finds Cade more handsome than any man should be.  But this sexy man is hiding more than one secret and before the night is out Elaine is going to learn a lot more about him.

It seems Elaine has stumbled into the middle of a Pantera Noir (Black Panther) operation to keep their queen safe.  And while she may be an innocent bystander, it appears the Pantera Noirís enemies will use Elaine however they can to further their cause.

Now Elaine is learning things about her best friend she never knew, having sexy encounters with shape shifters, and being pursued by evil shape shifters.  Oh, and she still doesnít have a car.  But, will she come out of the adventure with her heart intact, or will she fall in love with a shifter?

When it comes to shape shifter stories Bianca DíArc is one of the masters to live up to.  This is brought home again in Catís Cradle.  I am looking forward to reading more in the String of Fate Series and hope the next chapter is as well written and fun as Catís Cradle.  I love that Ms. DíArc can add humor to her stories even in the direst of circumstances, such as Elaineís cat.  It just makes me smile, even when the situations become dire.  I look forward to the next in this series and Joyfully Recommend Catís Cradle.


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