Dirty Business by Monica Kaye

Loose Id

Full-figured Heroine Multicultural Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60737-474-9

Reviewer: Nellie



Someone was embezzling secrets from his new acquisition and sending them to his competitor and Sean Keller was in Denver to find out who. Walking over to the bar of the hotel he was staying to relax he saw a very attractive women sitting in a corner by herself, her aura inadvertently calling out to him.

Trying to drown her misery in a hotel bar, Chloe Walters was contemplating her next move in her current job situation where she was underpaid and unappreciated. A proposal from a hot stranger and a decision made with a blurry mind led to an incredible night. Morning came and Chloe was revitalized from her nocturnal activities and with it a conscience attack which led her to stealthily abscond from the scene.

Sean had vowed to find his partner who had disappeared after an unforgettable night but he neednít look far. Chloe was his employee who had just been assigned to be his Executive Assistant and suddenly became his number one suspect in his corporate investigation.

Dirty Business was very entertaining. I found myself chuckling at every turn of the page because of the humor and the different situations the main characters found themselves in. The story was believable from the main characters shortcomings to their interaction. This was a great read I thoroughly enjoyed.


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