Hunt Her Down by Roxanne St. Claire

The Bullet Catchers, Book 7

Pocket Star

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-4391-0221-3

Reviewed by Amelia



Fourteen years ago, young Maggie Varcek was madly in love with Michael Scott. Until the night he was killed in an FBI drug raid. Devastated by his loss and realizing she’d aided in the bust, however unwittingly, Maggie flees into the night, very alone and carrying secrets with her, in more ways than one.

Former FBI agent Dan Gallagher, once undercover as Michael Scott, is now a Bullet Catcher. When he hears that Ramon Jimenez is now out of jail, he wants to check on Maggie, the woman he once loved. He doesn’t plan on letting her know who he is, but he wants to make sure she’s all right.

All that changes when he sees Maggie and realizes his feelings for her are still there. Then things begin to happen that let Dan know he was right about Ramon being bent on revenge against Maggie. Ramon wants something Maggie has, and Dan is determined to keep her safe.

Maggie’s not sure what to feel when she realizes the man she knew as Michael Scott is alive and well. But the feelings she had ran deep, and despite her anger they share a very special bond. She’s determined not to let him back into her heart, but some things don’t work out as planned.

Can Maggie and Dan overcome fourteen years of separation, and numerous secrets and deceptions, to keep all they hold dear safe, all the while losing their hearts to each other all over again?

Hunt Her Down continues the Bullet Catcher tradition of fantastic suspense and incredible romance. Dan Gallagher has fascinated me from the first Bullet Catcher novel, and that fascination was ramped up in this book. I absolutely loved watching him and Maggie reconnect. His protective instincts melted my heart. Maggie, a strong-willed woman who has overcome much in her life to be successful, is the perfect foil for the perfect hero.

Roxanne St. Claire does marvelous research and brings exotic settings to life. If you enjoy romantic suspense you will be enamored by the Bullet Catcher series. Each one builds on the last and is full of tension, of both the romantic and dangerous type.

I highly recommend the Bullet Catchers, especially Hunt Her Down. It is a Joyfully Recommended title for me that will sit on my keeper shelf to be taken down and reread several times.


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