Lead Me On by Victoria Dahl

Tumble Creek, Book 3


Audio Book


ISBN: 978-0373774340

Reviewed by Tanya



Jane Morgan is trying to do what it takes to make sure that her prim and proper office manager persona stays intact.  She doesnít want anyone to connect her with the wild child of her youth, and especially doesnít want anyone to know her father was in prison.  She is dating all the right men; doctors, dentists, attorneys but why donít they make her think of forever after in bed?  None of them seem to be able to hold her interest or even star in her dreams.  Well, not like Chase the tattoo-covered steel-toed boot wearing contractor who saunters into the office where she works.

Chase, for all his gruff exterior, seems to have developed a soft spot for Jane and while she keeps turning him down he persists.  When she decides to give herself one fantasy filled night with Chase he takes what he can get, and then decides that there is more to Jane than what she shows the world.

When Janeís brother becomes a murder suspect and her ex-boyfriend wonít help, she will take all the help she can get.  And this help comes in the form of Chase but, she is determined to walk away from him when it is all over.  Except Chase doesnít give up much without a fight.

I am a huge fan of the Tumble Creek series with all of its contrasts between the large city of Aspen and the small town vibe of Tumble Creek.  I think Ms. Dahl has definitely been able to pull off the feel of dichotomy of the different living experiences.

In Lead Me On you are able to look into the life of the well loved prim and proper Jane Morgan, who, if you have read the previous two books, will be a character you remember.  I absolutely love what Ms. Dahl has done with the character of Jane with the back-story as well as with her interactions with Chase.  While I was a little perturbed with how much of a witch she was with Chase, I love how the author has turned Lead Me On into a love story that you can see will stand the test of time.  I am pleased to Joyfully Recommend Lead Me On in either print or audio formats.

Lead Me On was another well put together audio offering from HQN books.  As usual the reader does a great job with the different characters and does not pull from the story but in fact adds to it.


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