Ruleís Bride by Kat Martin

Bride Trilogy, Book 3



ISBN: 978-0-7783-2774-5

Reviewer: Melissa



Rule Dewar married Violet Griffin three years ago as a favor to her dying father. He promptly returned home to England and his rakish ways, leaving his young bride in Boston. So he couldnít be more stunned when a very different, grown up Violet shows up in his home. Heís ready to begin their marriage but Violet has very different ideas. Sheís there to obtain an annulment so that she can marry another man. Rule is determined to keep his wife, but a hidden enemy is just as determined to make sure that never happens.

I have so loved Kat Martinís Bride Trilogy, but I am unashamed to say that Ruleís book is my absolute favorite!! Passion, danger and intrigue pull you into Ruleís Bride from the very start and donít let you go. I was dying to see how it ended but was unwilling to turn the last page! I canít even count how many of Ms. Martinís books Iíve read, but Iím still hooked. I canít recommend Ruleís Bride highly enough.


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