Suddenly One Summer by Barbara Freethy

Angelís Bay, Book 1

Pocket Books


ISBN: 978-1-4391-015608

Reviewed by Melissa



The last thing that Jenna Davis is looking for is attention, but when she sees a pregnant teenager try to kill herself by jumping off a pier, she has to help. An action which brings reporter Reid Tanner into her life. Reid can tell that Jenna is hiding something and the reporter in him wants to find out what it is. But Reidís digging can bring danger to them all. As Jenna and Reid get closer to danger, can Reid protect her?

I canít believe I missed this series when it first debuted last year. Iím loving Angelís Bay!! And Suddenly One Summer is a jam up way to start a new series! I loved Jenna and Reid and found myself absorbed with the people of Angelís Bay. Loaded with secondary characters that you are anxious to see more of in future books, Suddenly One Summer is not to be missed! Iím off to read the second book in this series, On Shadow Beach, right now!


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