Temair's Rayne by Violet Summers

The Queens of Merab, Book 2

Changeling Press

Fantasy M/F/M Mťnage

ISBN: 978-1-60521-409-2

Reviewed by Shayna



In the matriarchal world of Merab, Temair, Crown Princess of Emetra, has always known that she would one day be queen.  But that far off day is approaching faster than she ever could have expected.  Before she can ascend to the throne, however, Temair must travel to the four lands of Emetra and choose one consort from each house whose powers will strengthen her own.  Temair has found her First Consort in the dominating, protective Fyre Lord Miach.  The next stop on Temairís journey is the Rayne lands, where her choice of consort is far more difficult.  Temairís mind says the second son of Lady Rayne would be the best choice.  Heís politically savvy and Miach likes him well enough.  Yet Temairís body and magic crave Dathan, the eldest.  Dathan is charming, relaxed, and seems to live to make Miach crazy.  With the stability of her kingdom on the line, her First Consortís happiness to consider, and the added danger of a brewing rebellion amongst some of the men of Merab, Temair must question what her mind and heart tell her before she chooses which Rayne Lord will take his place at her side.

Prepare to be swept away into a world of magic and sensuality, the likes of which only Violet Summers could create.  Temairís Rayne builds on the imaginative world of Merab which Violet Summers first introduced in Temairís Fyre and I couldnít be more excited.  The tranquil beauty of the Rayne lands was an enchanting contrast to the fierce elegance of the Fyre lands and as I read I felt myself being pulled further into the magic the dynamic author duo created.

At its heart, Temairís Rayne isnít just about magic and politics, but about love.  What truly captured me about the story was the fluid blending of relationships in this tale.  To begin, thereís Temairís growing bond with Miach.  Desire bloomed instantly between them in Temairís Fyre, but I absolutely loved watching their attraction and friendship deepen into love.  Temairís Rayne brings Temairís Second Consort into her life, Dathan.  Dathan is a marvelous contrast to Miach.  Heís joyful where the other is serious, light where Miach is dark, but no less protective or loving of Temair.  Heís also far more relaxed, both in terms of attitude and in his perception of sexuality.  I was intrigued by his attraction to Miach and Miachís reaction to it.  I look forward to not only seeing Dathanís bond with Temair growing, but to Dathan and Miachís relationship developing as well.  I canít wait to see how the emotional and sexual journey for Temair and her men continue in future books.

A dash of danger added by the attempts rebels make on Temairís life adds a different kind of energy to Temairís Rayne.  So too do the comforting bonds of sisterly affection between Temair and her two best friends.  There is so much to love about Temairís Rayne that it is with great excitement that I Joyfully Recommend it!


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