Touch of Surrender by Rhyannon Byrd

Primal Instinct, Book 5



ISBN: 978-0373774647

Reviewed by Jo



Morgan Cantrell is a Watchmen and like the others, she has her own unusual gifts.  However, unlike most other shifters, Morgan cannot shift into any particular animal.  This is seen as a weakness in their world, a weakness that Morgan has made into one of her strengths.  Right now her gift is going to be needed to help out another Watchmen on a search, but first she has to get one other person on board and it wonít be easy.

Kierland Scott was Morganís trainer when she first came into the Watchmen.  Kierland is a Lycan shifter who never expected to have feelings for any of his trainees.  That was until Morgan came under his control.  The training was going well and the attraction was being fought against until orders came, which had Kierland and Morgan making choices that ended up separating them for good.

Morgan has to convince Kierland to work with her as they search for and help his brother.  After many years of near hostility between them, itís going to be hard for both Kierland and Morgan to keep focused on the mission instead of each other.  As the trip goes on, both learn that hate is just a thin line from passion.  Understanding some of the things that went wrong before brings their attraction to a head.  Just when Morgan and Kierland might have been able to reach through their past, another person is added to their mission Ė one that has a past with them both.  The danger and passion ramp up as the group gets closer to their destination. With secrets still being held, can Morgan and Kierland find the final path that will allow them to be together before itís too late?

Unfulfilled passion can be a dangerous thing.  Touch of Surrender brings two of the Watchmen together with a love that overcame death and misunderstandings.  Morgan just wanted to be the best she could be and have a place to belong.  Kierland knew that a teacher should never lust after a student, even one who quickly earned his respect.  Almost immediately I felt for Morgan, as she was too much of everything and therefore a standout in the shifter community. The first time she and Keirland came together it was more than obvious they were just circling their passion.  As I read on my respect for both Morgan and Kierland grew Ė especially as I began to understand the truth of what happened to tear them apart.  As a couple, I couldnít help but love them.  They were compassionate, could kick ass as a fighting pair when needed and found a way to forgive each other to ensure their future.  Touch of Surrender has equal amounts of passion and danger that will draw you in from the very first paragraph.  The struggles and love that I found between Morgan and Kierland make their story a keeper, a book you will want to re-read and of course, Joyfully Recommended from me to you.

The Primal Instincts series does not have to be read in order, but I would suggest doing so as you do get bits of the previous books in each one.


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