Overheard by Maya Banks
Caught by Cupid anthology
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Contemporary/Light BDSM/Ménage
ISBN: 1-59998-315-X
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Gracie Evans just broke up with her boyfriend.  Tired of settling for gratuitous sex, she craves someone to take over in the bedroom, tie her up, and spank her when necessary.  Bummed out and almost feeling sorry for herself, Gracie does not think that she will ever find a man to truly be what she craves in the bedroom.  Telling this and all of her deepest fantasies to her best friend, Gracie doesn’t know that she was overheard.

Luke Forsythe and Gracie have been friends for years.  When Luke overhears Gracie telling their friend her secret fantasies, he is immediately curious and aroused.  Never having looked at Gracie romantically before, Luke decides then and there that he is going to be the one man to make her dreams come true.  All he needs now is a plan and another man.  Who does he turn to but his best friend Wes.

Gracie and Luke explore their feelings and decide to date.  When Luke aroused Gracie as no other before him, she decides to come clean about her fantasies and to her relief; Luke is neither grossed out, nor turned off.  When they go away for a weekend together for Valentine’s, Gracie finds herself falling in love with Luke. Things come crashing to a halt when Gracie overhears Luke and Wes discussing her and mortified, Gracie runs away without allowing Luke to explain.

I don’t know how Maya Banks does it but this author can write a ménage like no other.  Luke was sexy as all get out and pure sin on a stick.  Add Wes to the equation and you have two sexy men captivated by and focused on Gracie.  I found myself wanting to be in Gracie’s shoes, if even for a minute, just to see those men in action.  Gracie took a chance on Luke and I am glad she did. Their emotions and feelings for each other were exquisite.

Overheard by Maya Banks was delightfully erotic and just downright beautiful.  The more Maya Banks writes, the more I enjoy reading her work.  I find myself looking forward to each new release!

Overheard is part of the anthology, Caught by Cupid, that releases from Samhain on January 23, 2007.


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