His Darkest Hunger by Juliana Stone



ISBN: 978-0061808777

Reviewed by Jo



Libby Jamieson can’t remember anything except pain and fear and that is only from the last two months. Everything else has disappeared from her memory just leaving scars and questions that Libby can’t answer. She exists day by day until the evening a sexy, dark man sits in her section of the restaurant and all heck breaks loose – literally.

Jaxon Castille is a jaguar warrior - that is a shifter who was born with markings to make him a warrior and an assassin in order to protect his clan and those he is charged to protect. After a personal hunt that has lasted three years, Jaxon has finally found the woman he has been searching for – his only desire is to kill her like the assassin he can be. At the last minute something makes him stop his kill shot and to investigate instead. That decision will change both their lives forever.

Unsure what is going on, Jaxon decides to take Libby with him and starts to put people and things back together the way they were before the day three years ago Libby disappeared and a team member was killed. The team begins to discover things right away but it only leads to even more questions on what happened so long ago. A couple of things are for sure, someone(s) wants to take out Jaxon and Libby, and their passion never faded when anger showed up. On the run again Jaxon and Libby search for answers for the last three years, and hopefully Libby’s missing memory before their enemies catch up with them again.  But when the pieces begin to fall into place and answers are found, will it help matters or just raise more and harder questions? And what of the love that was stolen away three years ago?

Death leads to anger and hatred where passion once ruled. His Darkest Hunger brings two lost lovers back together again with explosive results. Libby’s memory is exactly two months long. Jaxon’s memory is long and as strong as is his determination to destroy Libby for the destruction of his team and betrayal of him.  I was swamped by the emotional waves that surrounded Jaxon and Libby from the minute they met until the last page. Their roller coaster involved life threatening danger, smoldering passion, anger and mistrust – and that was just the beginning. Jaxon and Libby’s story had a strong hold on me and I finished it in one day. The inventiveness of a fresh world that used parts of mythology, paranormal and the contemporary was a combination I couldn’t resist. His Darkest Hunger has red hot passion, deadly danger and a instinctive hunt for the unknown that makes it an absolute must read. It is also Joyfully Recommended by me with the hope that the next book isn’t too far away so none of us go crazy with the wait.


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