Second Chance by Christy Reece

Last Chance Rescue, Book 5

Ballantine Books


ISBN: 9780345517760

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Keeley’s life has suddenly gone out of control.  A single mother since the death of her estranged husband, Keeley’s life revolves around her twin girls and her happiness as a mother is complete.  Until her life changes in an instant when masked men accost her in a park during a picnic and kidnap her children.  Screaming for help and fighting off her attackers, Keeley’s heartache at the loss of her children almost breaks her.  Almost.  Finding strength and courage, Keeley vows to find her children and so who does she turn to in her time of need since no one seems to be listening in her hometown? Last Chance Rescue.

Filled with guilt for the things he did while under the influence of a horrible drug, Cole Mathison is barely able to function at times because of headaches and what-ifs.  He has spent the past year secretly watching the family of the innocent man he executed while being held captive and if he is honest, he feels things for the woman he made a widow. With the kidnapping of Keeley’s daughters, Cole vows to find them no matter what.  His resolve to unite Keeley with her twins is resolute and unwavering.  And though he doesn’t count on falling in love with Keeley, he does.  And that’s when the lines between redemption and forever blur.

In book three of Christy Reece’s Last Chance Rescue series, my heart broke for Cole.  Not only was he guilty of horrendous deeds, but the woman he was married to didn’t love him.  I wanted to rage at the unfairness of his life and then Second Chance was released.  And honestly? Cole has been given another chance at happiness.  I can’t imagine anyone deserving it more.

Powerful emotions and secretive lives are the catalysts that keep the plot flowing in Second Chance.  No. That isn’t exactly true.  It is the powerful emotions and rockin’ good plot involving secrets and lies that makes Second Chance  a must read.  The storyline of Second Chance will dazzle and entice. The passion of Ms. Reece’s main characters is steamy – she is THE author to read for romantic suspense.  I whole heartedly and joyfully recommend Second Chance.  It is just that amazingly spectacular!


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