Something About You by Julie James

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-045233382

Reviewed by Jo



Cameron Lynde is a heavy hitting Assistant U. S. Attorney with a great track record in her trials, and she loves the satisfaction it gives her. However, when Cameron first joined she let her boss convince her to make a decision that has bugged her ever since, along with the detective she said 'no' to. Three years later Cameron is a witness to a murder, and who should be the lead detective but Jack. Cameron finds herself right back where they met, with her attraction to Jack stronger than ever.

Jack Pallas worked hard to bring down a drug king only to be told that the U.S. Attorney's Office won't take his case to trial. In the heat of the moment, Jack said things that cost him a lot. Now, he's finally back at his old office in Chicago and ends up with a case that puts him and Cameron together on another case. Jack wonders if fate has it in for him, but he knows if the blow up hadn't come, he would have pursued his interest in Cameron.

Cameron and Jack have to clear the air between them if possible, while trying to find out who Cameron saw that night. Clearing the air might not be all that easy because of a promise Cameron made, however, those promises fade away in the heat of their combined passion. When it becomes very obvious a mole is involved somewhere, Jack must turn over every rock to see what’s under it if he’s going to keep Cameron alive and capture both the mole and the murderer.

What can you do when your biggest mistake comes back? In Something About You Cameron has to decide which comes first--her loyalty to her job or to her heart. I laughed my way from the very first page until the last as I followed the misadventures of Cameron and Jack. I felt for both of them as I learned just what their past involved but had no doubt that their passion would end up ruling the day. The first sarcastic quips quickly turned into innuendos between Jack and Cameron. On top of Jack and Cameron's quips, those of the secondary characters are just as engaging. There really was nothing about Something About You that I did not love. From the humor, the deep friendships and the deep love that was found, I have no choice but to Joyfully Recommend Something About You as a do not miss book. I laughed my way through Jack and Cameron's story and I bet you will, too.


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