Sweet Temptation by Maya Banks

Sweet, Book 4

Berkley Trade

Erotic Contemporary/Light BDSM

ISBN: 9780425232583

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Micah Hudson is more than secretive.  Every year around the same time he asks for and is granted time off from his job.  His boss and coworkers don’t ask questions, but they are dying to know where he goes.  Days later, as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened, Micah reappears and goes about his business.  Why he doesn’t tell his friends is known only to Micah – and he doesn’t want them to know the type of man he used to be.  His time away is for forgiveness and redemption only. When that is achieved then Micah won’t have to go away any longer.  Where he goes, he is just another patron – what happens to him, however, is anything but what his friends would expect this alpha male to experience and allow.  And Micah is glad for the anonymity of his pain. Then he recognizes the one woman that should not be where she is.

Angelina has almost given up hope of Micah ever realizing that she is now a grown woman.  For years she has been the kid sister, a status that she cherishes, but one that she would rather get rid of in favor of another title where Micah is concerned – lover would work just fine in Angelina’s book. However, convincing Micah she is what he needs will take more than just a few kisses. It will take actions that to some might seem unnecessary. But to Angelina and Micah, nothing short of what they both want is acceptable.  Angelina strives to keep Micah’s wants and needs sane, except she also has come to Micah for a reason. She is in danger and it is stalking closer and closer as each day passes.

Lord, have mercy, but I could sop Micah Hudson up with a biscuit!  Every. Single. Inch. Of. Him.  He is a character to which fantasies are made and Sweet Temptation only shows me what I knew all along – Micah’s loyalty and trust had to be earned, but his heart had to be captured.  His heart, along with his mind, felt one way and it took Angelina’s unconditional love and devotion to make him understand.

To say anything more about this captivating novel would spoil the story.  Sweet Temptation, starring my new man, Micah Hudson, is rough, tough, touching and sexually potent.  I joyfully recommend it!


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