Be With Me by Maya Banks
Berkley Heat
Erotic Contemporary/Ménage a trios or more
ISBN: 978-0425224045
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Police officer Regina Fallon has been friends with Hutch, Cam, and Sawyer since she was a young girl. Regina’s parents were less than nurturing towards her but she grew up knowing she was loved by her friends and their foster mother, Birdie.  Reggie loves them just as much – so much in fact that a year ago she allowed all three men to be with her and the thought of choosing between them is enough to make Reggie run. And so she has. For a year Reggie has avoided her men but not any longer.  It seems a vile killer is gunning for Reggie and in order to keep her safe, her men aren’t taking no for an answer.  Reggie is to be protected at all costs.  But what about her heart?

Sawyer Pritchard, Hutch Bishop, and Cam Douglas are brothers in everything but blood.  Growing up in awful conditions and finally being sent to live with their foster mother saved their lives.  It also brought them Regina Fallon.  Reggie’s love and unconditional friendship made their lives worth living and all three can’t imagine her not being a part of their future.  Knowing that Reggie will not choose between them makes what they propose a bit difficult but who said love and life was easy, right?  The three men come to an agreement about Reggie, mainly that she is theirs and they love her.  Now all they have to do is convince her that the decision is the right one.  And between Reggie’s stubbornness and a dangerous stalker out to ruin their lives, that might be a tad difficult. 

Let me tell you right now. Had Reggie not come to her senses and admitted her love for these three men, I was ready to offer my services.  Each hero was to die for in his own individual way.  Cam Douglas was the genius of the bunch. From the top of his head to the tips of his toes, I found his wearing glasses to be endearing and his wooing of Reggie to be as gentle and nurturing as spring.  Hutch Bishop, Hutch was the happy go lucky one of the three. He was the peacemaker and even though he loved his brothers, I related with his tiny feelings of possessiveness towards Reggie because he was her friend first.  He overcame these feelings by being able to spend time with his girl and love her like he wanted.  And boy howdy did he want.  Finally, there was Sawyer Pritchard.  Pure testosterone walking and dominant to boot.  He was scared of hurting Reggie with his needs but once convinced she wouldn’t break, his lovemaking went forth full throttle and was hot enough to make me blush.  Regina Fallon.  Police officer and friend to all three men.  She knew in her heart of hearts that she was not able to choose between her men and she didn’t try.  Her acceptance of their relationship took a bit of convincing and I can’t blame her.  Scared at times and wanting each man to know she loved him individually would be hard to do but Reggie pulled it off beautifully. 

If I could pick one thing that I loved the most about Be With Me it would be the fact that the ménage relationship was not glossed over.  Each man had problems accepting that they wanted Reggie and that they were willing to share.  I found their questions and concerns realistic and endearing.  From beginning to end I was enamored, enthralled, and enchanted by Be With Me and like all Maya Banks’ releases, it is a keeper.  Be With Me is an original, one that I am happy to Joyfully Recommend!  It is ménage heaven wrapped up in 368 pages of text!


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