Men of Tokyo: Sudden Surrender by Sedonia Guillone
White Tiger, Book 2
Total-e-Bound Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-906590-87-1
Paranormal m/m
Reviewed by Beth Anne




Yuzo Kitano, a twenty-two year old kept plaything of sadistic Taro Suzuki, escapes for his life.  Taro is the son of the largest, fiercest yakuza, otherwise known as Japanese crime groups or mobsters.  Yuzo runs away almost bare butt naked, but not quite, leaving everything behind in his haste to escape the prison of luxury with Suzuki.  Yuzo runs to the one man he has come to trust and admire, Kikuchiya Fujimara, owner of the White Tiger Hotel for gay men.  Kiku practices spiritual enlightenment and the study of the White Tiger Discipline, which encourages mental and physical strength and “sexually channeling” for reviving the spirit.  Yuko senses some of the animosity between Suzuki and Kiku, but does not know the twenty-year history between the two that have made them enemies.  All Yoku knows is Kiku symbolizes goodness and safety.

Kiku willingly takes Yoku in and begins the healing process from the torture Yuzo received from Suzuki, and Sudden Surrender becomes a heart-warming and fiercely erotic love story.  I enjoyed the mysticism and magic between Kiku and Yoku, but be forewarned…e-book readers might need battery replacements, the love scenes are so hot!  I was so immersed in the loves and lives of the men at the White Tiger, that I didn’t want Sudden Surrender to end.  All the books in the White Tiger series can definitely be enjoyed as stand-alone reads, but I love the connection and the overall completeness of finding out the story of each man at the White Tiger hotel.  Sudden Surrender is a Joyfully Recommended read!


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