Patton’s Way by Jenny Penn
The Cattleman’s Club 1
Siren Publishing
Contemporary/Ménage Plus
ISBN: 1-60601-142-1
Reviewed by Tanya




Patton has loved Chase, Slade and Devin as long as she can remember.  She even is turned on by the fact the men seem to only have one girl at a time, and she knows there is more than they let her know.  She has also been lying to them for four years about being in college.  Since the brothers have also acted as her brothers and guardians she knows that she will have to do what it takes to make them understand why she did it.  More important, she needs them to see her as a woman, make that a desirable woman, who did not grow up living with them.  There is no blood relation and she is tired of them treating her as the little sister.  She knows all about their lifestyle and she wants in, she wants to be their woman. 

Patton is not about to lose this contest of wills either.  She is willing to pull out all the stops, including a little manipulation if necessary.  But, there might be more to the story than she suspects.  Will she be able to handle all they want to offer?  More importantly will the men finally see Patton as the woman she has become and let her make the choice with all the facts in hand?

Patton’s Way deserves a warning on the cover “hottest book of the fall” as far as I am concerned.  I loved how Ms. Penn had all of the characters play off each other’s strengths and desires.  I thought it was a riot that every time Patton thought she was controlling a situation; she somehow wound up losing, not a bad position to be in with these three hunks.  I picked up this first in a series on a whim and now I am hooked and impatiently waiting for Hailey’s story to come out.  I do warn you that you will not want to read this story in public if you are one who blushes easily or you will have a lot of explaining to do as this book will raise your heart rate in a just a few pages.  I am Joyfully Recommending Patton’s Way. Is the next book out yet?


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