Sun Stroked by Cathryn Fox
NAL Heat
Erotic Contemporary/Anthology/D/s
ISBN: 9780451225115
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Abby, Lauren, and Danielle have traveled to the “O” Spa for a last minute two-week vacation.  Each woman anticipates drinking the island’s top-secret ‘magic’ elixir, knowing that it is probably a hoax but each wishes the magic to be a reality.


“The Sensual Soak”

Danielle Carrigan is an interior designer with hidden, secret needs.  Wanting to be truly dominated in the bedroom, she has yet to trust a man enough to tell him her desires.  When she sees Ethan Sharpe on the beach after arriving at her cabin, Danielle is intrigued and enchanted by the handsome weapons expert.  Before the night is over, Danielle will know beyond a doubt that Ethan has a gun and he knows exactly how to use it.

I fell in love with Ethan Sharpe the exact second he was introduced.  What woman in her right mind wouldn’t? He is handsome, fiery, sensual, and utterly dominating in the bedroom.  He made me shiver and I wasn’t even cold.  His willingness and desire to please Danielle was the icing on the cake. 


“The Pleasure Pool

Lauren Sampson has come to the island with the hopes of finding the one man on this planet that doesn’t see her chest before seeing her.  Used to men talking to her breasts and wanting to be with her for her body, Lauren is thrilled when she comes across Ryan Thomas.  When she hesitantly tells him her desires of being taken by a forceful man relying upon touch alone, Ryan sets out to prove to her that touch is everything.

Ryan Thomas is one naughty captain.  Hurt in an accident while on duty, Ryan has to rely on his memory and touch in order to function in his new visually impaired life.  When he meets Lauren he senses in her a secret almost hedonistic side that calls to the erotic man that he is.  And he was erotic. He was the perfect hero for Lauren.


“The Sunset Sauna”

Abby Benton has her life planned out.  Planning on marrying a safe man and having the politically correct amount of children is on her list.  Sniper Cody Lannon is not.  On medical leave, Cody Lannon spends his time watching people on the island through his sniper scope.  When he sees luscious Abby Benton on her patio, he is aroused and instantaneously hooked.  Add in a valiant rescue while snorkeling and Abby is hooked on Cody as well.  Their love affair scorches through the pages but what happens at the end of their vacation? Will Abby forget her plans for her sniper?


Sun Stroked set the pages on fire. Each and every love scene explodes into fiery sensuality that will melt your heart.  Tastefully written but withholding nothing back, Sun Stroked has taken three interchanging stories and characters and come across as a winning combination.  I have officially decided that I need a Malik in my life since he orchestrates the entire island.    I wonder if he makes house calls because I would love some of that elixir.  Don’t miss Sun Stroked – it is blazing hot!


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